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Smoke Damage Restoration

It is a frightening experience to have your home damaged by smoke and fire.  Despite your best efforts, faulty electrical appliances, kitchen fires, or bad wiring can cause damage to your home.  Cigarette smoke and fires caused by cigarettes are also a common cause of smoke damage in your home. Lawson offers affordable smoke damage restoration services in Wayne, PA and all along the Main Line.

First Steps to Take

After the smoke and/or fire is over, contact your insurance carrier to notify them of your loss (if you are insured), take photos of the area affected, and GET PROFESSIONAL ADVICE about how to restore your home to its prior state.  A professional smoke damage repair and painting company can be an option.

Getting this done quickly is of the utmost importance as time is your enemy in fighting the long term impact of smoke damage. The longer smoke smell and residue remain, the more difficult it will be to achieve optimal results.

Contact Jerry Lawson for professional advice about ridding your space of smoke damage.  If you attempt to fix the problem by yourself, you may create more damage.  Always rely on a professional to perform proper smoke damage restoration for your home.

Facts about Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can leave your walls and ceilings blackened and discolored and you may have soot and charring too.  Have the extent of the damage assessed by a smoke damage restoration and painting company so you know if you can clean the surfaces or if other steps will be needed. In most cases it is necessary to clean the area thoroughly before priming and painting.