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Painting in Malvern PA – Our Process

As professional painters in Malvern we deliver what we say: superior quality, smart value for your money and complete satisfaction. When your office or home is in need of painting, just contact us and here’s how we’ll proceed with your project:

Estimate and Analyze: We’ll first do a thorough estimate of the required materials to initiate your project by measuring the walls and surfaces. We’ll inspect your residential/commercial premises and take a look at the condition of the areas that require Malvern painting. We make note of everything you require so we don’t miss even the smallest details. You can suggest the brand and quality of materials you require to start your project and we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate.

Preparation: We ensure that your wall/floor/ceiling surface is clean before initiating the actual painting work. We ensure the area that requires painting is crack free and clear of any dust. If required, we will wash the surface and let it dry before we apply the first brush stroke of paint. We also make use of drop cloths to protect your furniture and furnishings.

Painting: We make use of the best technology and techniques to ensure the whole painting process results in a vibrant, professionally painted appearance. We’ll apply any necessary primer and let it dry, after which we do the first and second coats (as needed) and check to see if any touch ups are needed.

Clean: Once the job is complete, we’ll clean your premises and ensure everything is as it is was when we first visited.