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Home Maintenance Services

Take advantage of Lawson’s other home services by combining your house painting with any additional home projects you need to finish.  You will save yourself time and trouble by relying on one dependable company to handle scheduling, quality, and performance of multiple projects.

Lawson Painting welcomes calls for any of its home maintenance services.

Lawson Painting’s Home Maintenance Services

Lawson Painting offers a number of home maintenance services that complement their panting business and benefit you, the customer. These services include: pressure washing, gutter cleaning, changing light bulbs in hard to reach places, carpentry services – handrails, drywall installation and repair, window glazing and wrought iron rail painting.

Five Projects to Consider when Having Your Home Painted

  1. Pressure Washing – If you have a deck, open porch, or stone work with your house, pressure washing before you paint the exterior completes the “new, fresh” look of your home and eliminates dirt that may compromise your exterior finish.
  2. Wood Deck Staining – Stain the deck at the same time that you paint the exterior. Not only will your entire exterior look great, it will be easier to remember when it was stained and keep your home maintenance planning up-to-date.
  3. Wrought Iron Rail Painting – Nothing takes away from the beauty of your home more than rusty and peeling paint on your decorative wrought iron!  Add wrought iron rail painting to the list of projects for Lawson.  We take great care in leaving you with a brand new look to your rail.
  4. Gutter Cleaning – Stay off your ladders this year and have the experts at Lawson clean your gutters and save you the worry about clogged gutters and potential water leaks.
  5. Window Glazing –Over time the glazing around your windows begins to break down and leaves space for outside air to enter your home.  Glazing your windows will reduce your heating/cooling expense and will add to the look of your home.

Lawson Painting offers its guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction on its Home Maintenance Services.