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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you paint?

There is no single answer to this frequently asked question. A lot depends on the use of the area, the type of paint used, the location of the area and more. Schedule a visit from Jerry Lawson for his assessment of your needs.

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What are the benefits/disadvantages of different interior paint finishes?

Before you select a finish, think about the usage of the room. Hallways, entryways and stairways will have a lot of heavy traffic, so think about a finish that is easy to clean. Bathrooms are subject to moisture and kitchens to steam and potential cooking splatters. Ask your painter for his recommendations.

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How do I select the right paint color?

Paint selection is a very personal decision. Before making a final decision about color for interior spaces, you may want to have a swatch of the color you are considering painted on the surface. This gives you the opportunity to view the color as the light changes during the course of the day and to see how it looks in artificial light. Lawson Painting can assist by painting the sample swatches. If you need further assistance we work closely with a color consultant who can help you.

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What about using Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is always an option to add a unique look to your décor. Using wallpaper on one or more walls of your space can create an effect hard to achieve with paint alone.

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How do you change from Wallpaper to paint?

It is often best to remove the existing wallpaper before applying new paint. Some local house painters will prep and paint over your old wallpaper but this is generally not a good practice. Call us for a free consultation to review your situation before you decide.

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What steps should a painter take to ensure a perfect paint job?

The key to a perfect job starts with the prep work. If preparation is not done meticulously, the final product cannot be perfect. Lawson Painting stands by its motto “We’re not finished until the customer is 100% satisfied”.

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What happens if damage is discovered during the painting job?

If our painting crew discovers any hidden damage, we will bring it to your attention immediately. Unlike some local house painters, we have the resources available to deal with any “surprises” that require carpentry, electrical, cleaning or other repairs.

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How will Lawson Painting protect my property while painting?

Our crews cover all surfaces and articles in the areas surrounding the areas to be painted. Rooms are sealed off with plastic to keep dust from spreading outside the area. While every effort is made to contain dust particles, it is impossible to totally prevent this in cases where HVAC systems are in constant use.

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How much will interior or exterior painting cost?

Every painting job is different and the cost will depend on the condition and size of the space, the amount of prep work needed, the level of paint selected, and other factors. Call Lawson Painting for a free assessment of your job.

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How do I select a good painter?

Look for a painter who is licensed and insured in the state where the work will be done. And it is always a good idea to view samples of the company’s work and to review recommendations from former clients for their residential painting services.