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Exterior Painting For Your Home

Does the exterior painting and finish of your home look faded, dull, and chalky?  Is the wood surrounding your windows beginning to show signs of cracking? These are all signs that your home may be ready for a visit from our expert exterior house painters for a new coat of paint.

You may be tempted to delay re-painting because you think it is a cosmetic change and doesn’t really need to be done now.  Before making this decision, consider that if the protection given by your exterior painting is not optimal, the wood may begin to rot and the rotting may encourage infestation by insects.

The experts at Lawson Painting can examine the exterior and give you a no cost estimate of the work that needs to be done.

Steps taken to ensure a quality exterior painting job

For all exterior house painting projects, Lawson Painting:

  • Protects the surrounding areas and covers all landscaping, hardscape and furniture that may be close to the area that will be painted
  • Pressure washes to ensure a clean surface
  • Uses a cleaning solution to remove mildew
  • Re-examines the condition of the space to note areas needing additional prep work
  • Scrape and sand worn spots
  • Caulks where needed
  • Tapes around areas not to be painted
  • Primes all surfaces as needed
  • Paints all surfaces  with 2 Coats
  • Removes protective coverings
  • Disposes of all trash and debris

We can handle any situation that arises and we also offer home maintenance services that complement your new exterior painting job like pressure washing, window glazing, and wood deck staining.  At Lawson Painting we realize the value of your time and we have the necessary resources to handle any issues that arise during your painting job.  

What is included in the estimated cost of exterior house painting?

Every estimate is personalized and based upon the style and condition of your home and your specifications concerning the type of finish, windows, shutters, doors, the amount of prep work and more. 

Our estimates for exterior house painting are based upon time and materials and we always suggest using high quality paint like Sherwin-Williams or MAB.  Of course, if you have a specific paint in mind, we will use your preferred brand.